Apple Pencil-You Need to Know About The Best Stylus Apple Pencil 2021

What is Apple Pencil?

In 2015, Apple unveiled the first iPad Pro, bringing an optical stylus called the Apple Pencil. It has been stuck around since 2015 and to this day it is compatible with Apple’s entire iPad lineup. This is an Apple-designed stylus that works with Apple’s iPads. It is called the Apple Pencil because of its resemblance to the conventional theoretical pencil.Apple Pencil

The pencil is a stylus that you can use to draw and take notes with specific iPad models. The Apple Pencil determines how intuitive, accurate, and magical it must be to draw, take notes, and mark documents. All including impenetrable lag, pixel-perfect accuracy, palate and pressure sensitivity, and support for palm rejection.

Incredibly easy and ready to use when hitting inspirationally. It is the crash course of everything for you! In a nutshell, Apple Pencil refers to working as a historical thematic pencil, but instead of writing on paper, you write on the display of the ‘iPad’.Apple Pencil

How much does Apple Pencil cost?

Apple Pencil pricing starts at $99 for the first-generation model and moves up to $129 for the second-generation.

What is Pencil Features?

The Apple Pencil has a rich feature set, allowing it to be used for specific tasks or as a finger replacement when navigating through iOS. The Pencil is designed to work as a regular pencil. When the Apple Pencil is attached to the iPad. it simply recognizes the Pencil tip and allows you to comfortably write or sketch. A line can be thick or thin depending on how much pressure is applied to the iPad when writing or drawing. It features a 1.2mm carbon fiber fine dot, with a smooth, back-free performance.

Apple Pencil Features

The Apple Pencil is more than just a tool that makes it virtually necessary for more sophisticated protection against drawing, note-taking, and navigation. The Pencil has super-low latency, which means there is no delay between the movement of the pencil and what is displayed on the display when you type on the iPad. Pencil latency is as low as 9 ms on an iPad with a 120Hz display (2017 and later iPad Pro + models).Pencil


It connects automatically. Just plug in the first version or attach the second version to the iPad Pro. The second-generation version of the Apple Pencil supports touch gestures. The long battery life is aided by an auto-slip function, which allows the stylus pen to fall asleep after five minutes of use. Charging is handled via a USB-C port, so if you have an iPad with a power port, you need a separate plug or adapter.

What device is Compatible with Apple Pencil?

There are two different versions of Pencil: Apple Pencil (first-generation) and (second-generation). The second-generation only works on certain iPad Pro models and the first-generation Apple Pencil does not work on the new iPad Pro models. Pencil provides new functionality to every generation of iPad or iPad Pro. It allows users to comment, draw, or edit with ease and accuracy.Features

The back of the first-generation Apple pencil features a glossy white, silver-colored round stylus, a cap that gives a light charging port. The original Apple Pencil, with a round body design and power connector from 2015, is compatible with the following devices

(1st Generation) works with:

  • iPad Air (3rd generation)
  • iPad mini (5th generation)
  • iPad (6th generation)
  • 10.2-inch iPad (7th generation)
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2nd generation)
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (1st generation)
  • iPad Pro 10.5-inch
  • iPad Pro 9.7-inch

(2nd Generation) works with:

Apple Pencil 1st-generation and 2nd-generation

It’s the same when it comes to drawing performance in both cases of the Pencil model, so you don’t draw skill for either. There are two versions of the Apple Pencil. The first edition published in 2015 and the second edition published in 2018. The two work the same but have different designs and charging arrangements. They support both drawing and rotation detection and when combined with good pressure detection they are extremely versatile for a variety of brush strokes and applications.Devise Support

This is because of the iPad Pro’s 120Hz screen (which means it refreshes the display 120 times per second), not what Apple Pencil does. Each iPad currently on sale has a 60Hz screen. Graphic design provides a complete computing tablet for the same price as some PC-based drawing tablets. This Pencil is still on sale and has promoted the entire iPad line.


In addition to the original Apple Pencil, there is an electrical connector that allows it to plug into the iPad’s Lightning port for charging purposes, which is inconvenient due to the size of the Apple Pencil. Apple also includes an adapter with the 1st-gen so you can charge with any power cable. The first generation has a silver band on top. The  (1st Generation) has a smooth, glossy finish and is completely round.1st-gen

It’s a bit thicker than the second-generation model and can feel a bit hard on the fingers after long use. The first-generation pencil has a removable cap that reveals electrical connectors, which are used to attach and charge the pencil. The first-generation pencil lags far behind the Pencil 2’s own 9-message delay.


The second-generation Pencil is softer, smaller, and more compact than the original Apple Pencil because there is no power port at the end. The Pencil 2nd-gen has a more pencil-like design because it has a flatter and a sanded design that enhances the texture. The Pencil 2nd-gen Touch Gesture supports switching between devices that are not possible with the original Apple Pencil.

The new matte finish looks good on the hands and allows for personal engraving when purchased, while the flat side magnet and iPad Pro or iPad Air are attached and have an induced charging surface for charging. The second-generation Apple Pencil pairs and charges magnetically and therefore does not use any electronic connector because it is about an inch and a half smaller.2nd-gen

The Apple Pencil 2 does actually have one technical advantage, but it’s not directly to do with drawing: it has a button.  In native applications that support new updates, it seems normal to draw the screen towards the line near zero after pressing the pencil. Since the release of the second-generation model, some wear and tear problems have been revealed. The rounded tip at the bottom of the pencil appears as a separate element and is easily spotted.

How to pair you with your iPad?

You need to add your Pencil to your iPad or iPad Pro before you can start using it. Add the first and second-generation iPad Pros separately, so make sure you know your generation before you get started.

How to Can be used the first-generation

  1. Fast of all Make sure the iPad you want to use is on and unlocked, then uncap your Pencil.
  2. Plugin your Pencil to the new iPad.
  3. When the Bluetooth Pairing Request appears, tap Pair.

How to Can be used the Second-generation

  1. Fast of all Make sure the iPad you want to use is on and unlocked.
  2. Place the Apple Pencil on the wide side of the iPad Pro with the magnetic strip.
  3. Tap Pair when the Bluetooth Pairing Request appears.

How to Charge Apple Pencil?

How to charge the first-generation using your iPad Pro and Lighting Adapter

Charging the first-generation Pencil is not the most elegant thing. The first-generation Apple Pencil is compatible with all iPads that ship with a physical home button and a power to charge pencil

Remove the cap from your Pencil. If you’re worried about losing the cap during the charging process, you can magnetically attach it to the iPad next to the Home button. Insert your Pencil’s Lightning connector into your iPad or iPad Pro’s Lightning to charge Apple Pencil 1st-gen

Remove the cap from the back of your Pencil. Insert your Apple Pencil’s Lightning connector into the Lightning adapter. Plug the Lightning adapter into your Lightning cable.

How to charge the Second-generation 

Apple has improved by limiting the second-generation pencil charging experience by limiting jumps. The second-gen is supported by the new iPad Pro and iPad Air. These iPads have flat edges and no physical home button. For the second-generation, Apple made it much easier to charge. Just Place the Apple Pencil on the wide side of the iPad Pro with the magnetic strip. The Pencil’s quick-charge technology provides users up to 30 minutes of use after a 15-second charge.2nd-gen Pencil

How to Check The Battery level on Apple?

The first-generation

Swipe from the top bezel of the iPad to turn on the notification center (or turn on the iPad to see the lock screen). Swipe right to see the widgets screen. See Battery section. If you do not see the Battery section, you must first tap Edit below the Widgets area and tap the Green Plus button next to the battery to add it as an active widget.


The second-generation Pencil is even easier to check. You can simply place it on the iPad Pro’s magnetic charging strip (or remove it again if it’s currently attached to the magnetic charging strip). A notification will notify you of your current battery percentage.

What apps are compatible with Apple Pencil?

Any first or third party application is compatible with Apple Pencil, but it is designed for composing, drawing, and sketching applications where handwritten content is appropriate. Apple pencils can be used in place of fingers to navigate through the iPad.


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