5CloudHost Review & Bonuses Real SSD Speed Hosting At Insane Low Price – 5 Years of Blazing-Fast Cloud Web Hosting


If you are looking for the best cheap WordPress hosting then you have come to the right place. All the websites you surf or browse are supported by reliable web hosting services. When someone types the web address of the site, the server sends the site to the user. Great hosting services need to be reliable in terms of speed, space, support, bandwidth, and security. 5CloudHost is a new company that provides cheap hosting services but good quality. Its parent company has been providing web hosting since 2012 under various brands and companies.

So, they are not new but have good experience in hosting services. 5 CloudHost Hosting provides only 5 years of quality web hosting for what it costs for 1 year. 5 CloudHost provided a pleasant surprise. Their hosting fascinated me in the most important way. Although there are several weaknesses that I am sure they will remedy in a timely manner, for the most part, it is a solid and insanely high-quality web hosting solution.

5CloudHost Short Services

Your WordPress site is just 1-click away. More than 450 well-known applications. However, they guarantee that these apps will not only work with their hosting, even if you have custom-made apps. If your web application does not work, they will refund you. They have the best software and tools available in the market. cPanel is the most popular web-based control panel that helps you easily manage your website.  5 CloudHost is a premium web hosting service that offers low-quality web hosting as low as 2 cents per day. It provides five years of fast web hosting service at the price you pay for one year for your current hosting. 5 CloudHost provides unlimited bandwidth with daily backups, free SSL certificates, firewall and WFF, and web hosting plans.


  • Incredibly cost-effective
  • The popular cPanel control panel makes it easy to use
  • Includes free backups, security, and everything else a hosting company needs
  • Fast, responsive support
  • Easy to navigate client area
  • cPanel accounts include Softaculous script installer, making it take only a few clicks to install/uninstall/stage your website



  • Runs on Apache webserver (slower than LiteSpeed or Nginx)
  • Not as scalable as other similar service providers
  • Not appropriate for large websites
  • No servers in Asia
  • Currently no articles in the knowledge base






It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger, an authorized marketer, or an online shop owner, anyone who does something online needs their web hosting. Customers don’t like dislikes and site speed is also a search engine ranking factor, so hosting needs to be very fast! Provides 5 years of a high-quality web hosting for less than 5 cloud hosts. During our launch, your customers can get five years of hosting for at least 2 cents per day!

5CloudHost Pricing and Feature

There are three shared hosting plans for customers. Please note that the prices listed here are correct at this time, but they may change. There is 2 country hosting plans. 

  1. USA



Cloud Starter

  • 1 Hosted Domain
  • 5 GB SSD Storage
  • Dallas, TX Datacenter/Bucharest, RO Datacenter
  • Dedicated resources(LVE):
  • 50% CPU(~1.4Ghz)
  • 512MB RAM
  • 20 Entry Processes
  • Price — $47/5years

Cloud Business


  • 10 Hosted Domain
  • 15 GB SSD Storage
  • Dallas, TX Datacenter/Bucharest, RO Datacenter
  • Dedicated resources(LVE):
  • 100% CPU(~2.8Ghz)
  • 1GB RAM
  • 50 Entry Processes
  • Price — $97/5years

Cloud Enterprise

  • Unlimited Hosted Domain
  • 50 GB SSD Storage
  • Dallas, TX Datacenter/Bucharest, RO Datacenter
  • Dedicated resources(LVE):
  • 200% CPU(~5.6Ghz)
  • 2GB RAM
  • 100 Entry Processes
  • Price — $147/5years

Our powerful servers with 40 core Intel Exion CPU and 128 GB RAM, RAD protected SSD storage, internet connection at 10 Gbps will speed up your website. Our industry cloud and 1Tbps network infrastructure along with CloudFlare’s CDN will keep your website online and load it instantly from any corner of the world. In addition to all Tier 3 certified data centers, each server has its own firewall, WAF, anti-malware and anti-virus scanner, and we back up each account every day.

Your ordered product will be activated automatically and immediately as long as you are using a verified PayPal account for your purchase. Our dedicated in-house support team is available 24/7 to respond to any technical difficulties you may encounter with any of our products. Stop working manually. With us, you can set up your website with a few websites, create your email address, and get online in minutes.

5 CloudHost provides a powerful server with 40 core Intel Zion CPU, 128GB RAM, ride-protected SSD storage, and 10GBps internet connection. They have a custom web-server configuration for MySQL databases, powered by Apache including PHP 7.3, Mode_HTP2, PHP-FPM, Mode_Salpi, opcache, and MariaDB. In addition to providing high-performance servers, it also provides a secure and reliable infrastructure. All datacenters here are Tier 3 certified. They all have their own firewalls, anti-malware and anti-virus scanners that help protect your website.

WordPress is undoubtedly the most used CMS in the market. 5 CloudHost provides one-click installation of your WordPress site. Not only that, but it also supports 450 other web applications. 5 CloudHost is a Cloudflare Optimized Partner, so you can enable CloudFlare CDN from your CPanel account by selecting 1. Cloudflare helps you build your website faster and load it instantly.

5CloudHost Free SSL Certificates

SSL (HTTPS) has become one of the most important features of any website. SSL-certified sites are considered more secure and secure, and listeners are more likely to trust them.5CloudHost provides free SSL certificates which are the right option for choosing this hosting.

5CloudHost License & Pricing

5CloudHost offers flexible pricing options. It has three packages, Cloud Starter, Cloud Business, and the Cloud Enterprise package. The Cloud Starter package starts from $47 for five years, and the enterprise package will cost you $147 for five years. The company offers a 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service.

5CloudHost Ultra-Fast Loading Speeds

best hosting

All of our powerful servers ensure extremely fast loading speeds using the latest technology including SSD storage and 10 Gbps internet connection.

Reduce your bounce rate, increase your Google rank, get more traffic instantly, and start selling more.

5CloudHost cPanel

5CloudHost webOur hosting platform is naturally powered by cPanel. It is the most popular web-based control panel. It is highly user friendly and helps to manage your websites with automation tools designed to make everything easy.

You can access your cPanel from the Client Area Dashboard. CPanel is a web hosting control panel to manage your website. It provides interface and automation tools that allow you to easily manage your site.


5CloudHost 100% Uptime


Our state of the art cloud infrastructure is completely useless and integrated with Cloudflare. We will always keep your website online and make sure it loads instantly from anywhere in the world.

5CloudHost Dedicated Support

web hostingWe care about you and our dedicated support team is entirely in-house and ready to answer your questions 24/7. No more waiting, get help when you need it the most!

5CloudHost Industry-Leading SecurityHosting

We are serious about security and keeping your sites safe. That’s why all our data centers are Tier 3 certified, each server has its own firewall, waf, anti-malware & anti-virus scanner and we take daily backups for each account.

6 Ways Your Web Hosting Is Killing Your Business

    • If your site is slow, your visitors will leave and you will lose sales and blood profits. Load speed is also a key element for SEO and your Google rankings. A slow loading site will quickly equip you with 37 pages of search.
    • Most hosting companies don’t understand the internet- and authorized marketing and they don’t care. They will shoot first and then ask questions and your business will be constantly at risk.
    • You get the chance to make a good impression first. If someone tries to visit your site and you greet them with a server error you not only made a sale, you also lost a potential lifetime customer that you will never get back.
    • Many cloud hosting solutions are extremely difficult to manage. They do not bring the cPanel and you expect to use a Linux terminal instead. Think of using your PC without an operating system it could have been better in 1980, but not today!
    • Unfortunately, bad customer support has become the norm in the hosting industry. Help is usually outsourced to third world call centers and if not ineligible, they certainly don’t care about you.


  • You have to pay a high monthly fee for almost all hosting no matter how many resources you use.

What is Web Hosting?

When you create a website, you basically create a bunch of different files. These files need to be stored somewhere to be accessible on the Internet. You pay a hosting provider to “host” these files on one of their servers. This is a monthly fee that you pay to a hosting company.

Network hosting allows businesses, businesses and individuals to access applications visible on the Internet using their websites or applications, dedicated servers or resources, each website is hosted on a server.

One way to make a website visible on the Internet is if it is hosted by a web hosting service provider. To search a website, type the domain name (or URL) into your browser. Your computer will then connect to the website hosting server and the webpage will be distributed on your screen.

Best of all, when you host your files on a hosting company’s web server they’re available 24/7, so your website will always be accessible on the web.


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